Crack Open Youthful Living

The egg has been called "Life’s Perfect Invention". Our special fertilized egg extract contains concentrated active growth factors that can develop embryonic life. This scientific breakthrough in nutrigenomics now shows that these same embryonic growth factors can affect the health of our DNA and even reverse the aging process.
DNA Repair Starts In Your Telomeres

The Egg Science Behind Youthful Living

Have you always wondered why your body seemed to heal a lot quicker when you were younger? You aren't imagining things. When you're younger, your body's stem cell spring into action, fighting cell damage by quickly replacing cells. However, as you get older, the ability for your cells to repair themselves diminish over time. This is referred to as "Stem Cell Dysfunction."

Fortunately, the root cause of Stem Cell Dysfunction can be reversed if we can maintain healthy DNA over time. LifePharm’s Fertilized Avian Egg, the main ingredient in Laminine, has been scientifically proven to support healthy DNA by repairing and lengthening your telomeres.*

What is a telomere? A telomere is the cap on the end of a chromosome which protects your DNA, similar to a plastic cap on the end of shoelace. Your cells need to divide to replenish and keep your organs working properly. However, as you age, your telomeres get shorter and make it harder for your cells to divide. Studies have shown that lengthening your telomeres can replenish your cells and support and maintain healthy aging.*

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*This study was conducted at a third-party lab in Loma Linda, California in 2017 by Dr. Rafael Gonzalez PhD.
Your Body is like a House

A Nutritional Powerhouse For Longevity

Laminine lays the foundation for healthy aging and works synergistically with OMEGA+++, DIGESTIVE+++, and IMMUNE+++. Make LifePharm nutritionals a part of your daily lifestyle, for total body health and a better quality of life.


A house needs a strong foundation, since a weak foundation won’t hold up a roof or walls. If a house's foundation isn’t strong, it will fall apart no matter how well you take care of it.

Your body needs to have a strong foundation so all its functions can work properly. Laminine provides a strong foundation for your body by protecting the DNA from damage within your stem cells, which allows your cells to continuously renew.


A house needs a good ventilation system. If the air flow is not properly designed, like being too hot or too cold, the other functions of your house cannot work efficiently.

Your body needs the same type of internal regulation. As we age, our arteries could become clogged, hindering good circulation. OMEGA+++ supports healthy blood flow throughout the body, keeping things moving and balancing healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


A house needs proper plumbing—it keeps what you need and eliminates what you don’t. A pipe could clog and burst, affecting the entire house structure.

Your body needs digestive enzymes to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates so you can absorb these nutrients. DIGESTIVE+++ takes what you eat and stores the nutrients for energy. It then eliminates waste to keep your gut healthy.


A house needs walls and a roof to protect you from outside elements. This keeps everything inside safe and clean.

Your body needs a strong immune system to protect you from free radicals, radiation and foreign invaders. IMMUNE+++ defends you from harmful bacteria and viruses by stimulating your body’s natural defenses. Your immune system is your body’s first line of defense.


A house needs primer to protect the house from damage and keep its exterior looking new over time. With regular upkeep and maintenance, your house will always have a fresh appearance.

Your skin and body need regular upkeep and maintenance as well. LAMIDERM APEX not only protects your skin from damage, but keeps it looking youthful, bright and resilient. While most other serums target only one or two fibers in your skin, LAMIDERM APEX targets all three fibers to reverse the signs of aging.

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