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Our rigorous scientific research at LifePharm includes:

  • Investigating relationships between diet, health, metabolism and cellular functions.
  • Sourcing only the finest quality ingredients available.
  • Thoroughly testing every nutritional for safety and effectiveness.

Our products are made in the U.S.A and clinically tested in NSF, cGMP and FDA approved facilities. The following peer-reviewed publications and presentations demonstrate each of our nutritionals benefits and credibility:

Research Institutions

Dermatest® Research Institute

University of Toronto

Baylor University

Quest Diagnostics

Wellness Medical Clinic & Thyroid Treatment Center

Published Studies

Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, June 2017

PDR (Physicians’ Desk Reference), 2015-2018

7th International Conference on Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine & Molecular Diagnostics, Chicago, Oct. 2017

Published Studies

Orthopedic & Muscular System Current Research 2017 6:3 (Suppl).

14th Coastal Dermatology Symposium by Global Academy of Medical Education, Oct. 2018

Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2016 American College of Nutrition 57th Annual Conference Translational Nutrition: The Science of Personalized Nutrition, Nov. 2016, San Diego, CA

Published Studies

Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2018 American College of Nutrition 59th Annual Conference Personalized Nutrition Translate the Science of NutriGenomics into Practice, Nov. 2018 Seattle, WA

18th European Diabetes Congress, July 2017

Sourcing scientific data from all over the globe

Scientific Advisory Board

Edward Andujar
M.D., LifePharm Research Scientist

Dr. Edward Andujar has over 26 years of experience in Clinical Medical Practice, Research and Product Development, Marketing and Medical Education, and Alternative Care. He has also hosted both television and radio programs educating and informing the public on health issues and preventive health strategies. Dr. Andujar received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School in Boston and completed his residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Giuseppe Maffi
LifePharm Scientific Advisory Board Member, Europe

Dr. Giuseppe Maffi is a patient educator on the latest developments in “oxidative stress” monitoring and treatments. His work has been published in numerous Academic Journals and his field of specialty is networking with Italian referral scientific societies. Dr. Maffi received his Biological Sciences degree at Miami International University in the U.S.A. and his Naturopathic and Psychosomatic I.R.P.S. from School Grosseto in Italy.

Samina Ahmad
M.D., HHC, ALC, AP & AFNC, LifePharm Scientific Advisory Board Member

While working as an Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Samina Ahmad championed efforts for underprivileged Pakistani women and children. She is a strong advocate for better healthcare and nutrition in underserved countries. She received her medical degree from the University of Punjab in Pakistan and holds numerous certifications. Currently, she operates Samina’s Wellness in New York.

Gulnara Abeuova
M.D., LifePharm Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr. Abeuova has been practicing gynecology, oncology and family medicine since 1982. She’s currently the Director of medical center for complex diagnostics in Kazakhstan. Dr. Abeuova works in conjunction with other LifePharm board members providing ongoing research and scientific studies on LifePharm nutritionals. She received her medical degree from the Almaty Institute of Advanced Medicine Education in Kazakhstan.