Our Mission

LifePharm offers healthy living and sustainable income for everyone

Our Story

LifePharm Founder and CEO Wicky Suyanto grew up in Indonesia, where health was often neglected and entrepreneurial opportunities could be a challenge. He vowed to create a company where healthy living and financial independence was an achievable reality for anyone. In 2011, he launched LifePharm with this mission.

I founded LifePharm on the belief that health and wealth go hand-in-hand: you need wealth to sustain health, and health to attain wealth. I wanted to create an opportunity where both are attainable.

This is a life worth living, because life is precious.

-Wicky Suyanto, CEO & Founder

All About Family

At the forefront of LifePharm, you’ll find family. Wicky started LifePharm with his two sons Wickson and Winston. They strive to share their family goals of sustainability, longevity, and success with you. LifePharm is a debt-free, privately owned company, with no pressure to make executive decisions from outside shareholders.

Our Core Values

LifePharm is guided by our 4 core values. These core values are the center in every action that we take, and every decision that we make.

We think BIIG:


Balance means finding a middle ground between the company’s and customer’s needs. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes while doing what’s best for the company.


Integrity means being honest and trustworthy in everything we do. This includes the quality of products we create, the commissions we payout, and the decisions we make.


Innovation means to deliver results above and beyond expectations for customers, managers, and stakeholders. The existing situation.


Growth means to identify, focus, and engage on the strengths of our people and products. By combining on our strengths, we can accelerate the growth of the company.