Life Starts With Leadership

The leadership at LifePharm stems from family. Wickson, Winston and Letisha joined their father at the helm of his company to help carry out his vision and to drive the company forward. Excellent leadership, marketing know-how and operations from our executive team family keeps LifePharm widely regarded as one of the leading direct selling companies in the world.

Wicky Suyanto

Wicky Suyanto has dedicated over 30 years as an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. After graduating from Pepperdine University in 1984, he began his first nutritional supplement company. He believes perseverance is the key to becoming the best. This core focus has allowed him to navigate through challenges throughout his life without giving up.

Wickson Suyanto

As Vice President of Finance, Wickson's responsibility is to ensure that LifePharm sustains profitability for its IBOs. He is also responsible for the accurate and timely payments of commissions. Wickson invests in the latest financial software to continuously improve LifePharm's approach to business. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Math and Economics and a minor in Accounting from UCLA. Wickson took LifePharm from zero to 100.000 IBOs within the first two years of business!

Winston Suyanto

Winston's focus at LifePharm is global expansion and working with IBOs to help their businesses succeed. With one eye on details and the other discovering new business opportunities for the company, Winston has been instrumental to LifePharm's growth from the very beginning. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from UCLA and received his Masters in Business Administration from UCI. Winston helped open the LifePharm Opportunity in several new countries the last six years!

Jeanne Columna

As Vice President of Operations. Jeanne oversees all aspects of business development, management and planning for the U.S. and international departments at LifePharm. A respected and experienced executive, Jeanne has dedicated the majority of her career to guiding several major direct-selling companies to success including Nikken and Visalus. Jeanne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from West Virginia University.

Franz R. Gaag

Previously running one of the top direct selling companies in the world, Franz Gaag brings his years of accumulated knowledge and real-world expertise to LifePharm. As Vice President of Europe, Franz oversees strategic planning, business management and market development for all of Europe. Being fluent in English, German and French, allows Franz to work closely with Europe’s team leaders to drive product sales, increase IBO enrollment, hold major events, and run operations smoothly to ensure the success of IBOs.

Kimberly Purdy Lloyd
Executive Research and Development Scientist

Extensive and ongoing research is an absolute necessity for LifePharm. Kimberly Purdy Lloyd has a career path of formidable experience in dietary supplement and specialty skincare formulations. She joined the Dietary Supplement industry with specialties in Wound Care and Cosmetic Formulations, developing clinical and basic research protocols and peer publishes results. She educates consumers and stakeholders about the safety, efficacy, benefits and function of various nutritional ingredients and specialty topical formulations. She has excelled in product development, clinical studies, and has taught courses in nursing, chemistry, and biology. She holds a pre-med degree from University Texas at Arlington and Master of Science in Biochemistry from University of North Texas. Her thesis was published in the Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. She was awarded a Welch Scholarship for graduate research studies in immunology and enzymology, and by the American Chemical Society for outstanding research achievements.

Letisha Suyanto
Product Development Executive

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing from UC Riverside, Letisha is quickly becoming an integral part of the family business. She is assisting with product development, emerging social media research and marketing. As Wicky Suyanto’s eldest daughter, Letisha has quickly followed her father’s footsteps in pursuing her passion in health and beauty.