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Good health starts with good circulation

The circulatory system develops in the beginning stages of embryonic development and remains vital throughout our lifetime, as it allows our bodies to maintain a stable internal environment. Good circulation also provides optimal blood flow to the brain, heart, and other organs and rapid recovery following exercise or other physical activity.

On the other hand, heart discomfort - especially from increased activity - occasional coughing or wheezing, lack of appetite and/or queasiness, are all warning signs of poor circulatory health.

Good health starts with good circulation

Clearing the body’s internal pathways to optimize circulatory health

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Features and benefits

  • Improved signaling throughout the body
  • More pliable arteries and blood vessels
  • Increased agility
  • Balanced cholesterol levels
  • Extended release and long-term effect
When taken in conjunction with Laminine, the effects of OMEGA+++ are enhanced.

Highest quality ingredients

  • Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) sourced from the Engraulis Ringens, a member of the anchovy family that has the highest naturally-occurring ratios of EPA and DHA of any fish species.
  • Omega 6 and 9 from borage oil from the Mediterranean region
  • CoQ10 Extended Release that mirrors the kind naturally found in the heart and liver
  • Vitamin K2 fermented from Natto Bacillus subtilis, a bacteria found naturally in the human lower intestine
  • OMEGA+++ also includes a small boost from the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, which allows the other ingredients in OMEGA+++ to perform their functions more effectively.


  • Q. How many softgels are in each bottle of OMEGA+++?
    Each bottle of OMEGA+++ contains 30 softgels.
  • Q. When is the best time to take OMEGA+++?
    For best absorption, we recommend taking OMEGA+++ with food, about 15 minutes before a meal.
  • Q. What separates OMEGA+++ from similar products on the market today?
    OMEGA+++ is unique in its use of the highest quality, potency and safety Omega Fatty Acids, CoQ10 Extended Release, and Vitamin K2, ensuring the effectiveness of the product. OMEGA+++ also incorporates an added boost of the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, distinguishing our product from any seemingly similar products on the market today. OMEGA+++ is a multi-action formula designed specifically to help maintain and improve circulatory health. Its synergistic blend helps to improve the effect of each ingredient working in harmony.
  • Q. Will the fish oil in OMEGA+++ give the supplement a fishy aftertaste?
    As our fish oil undergoes molecular distillation to remove any potential toxins, and is tested before and after the process, there should be no fishy aftertaste or unpleasant endnote from taking OMEGA+++.
  • Q. Are there adverse reactions for any of the ingredients in OMEGA+++?
    There are no documented cases or instances of adverse reactions. When taken as recommended, OMEGA+++ is safe and effective. Please note the allergen warning: this product contains eggs, fish and soy. As always, if you have any questions about how OMEGA+++ will be affected by other medications you take, please consult with your physician.
  • Q. What if I already take separate supplements for Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin K2 and/or CoQ10? Should I stop taking them?
    OMEGA+++ is a well-formulated dietary supplement that incorporates several functional ingredients. By creating an all-in-one supplement for circulatory health, we allow individuals the opportunity to replace 3 costly individual supplements with 1 superior formulated supplement.
  • Q. I’m still relatively young - do I still need to take a supplement to improve my circulatory health?
    A healthy circulatory system has benefits for individuals of all ages, such as: optimal blood flow to the brain, heart and other organs, as well as rapid recovery following exercise.
  • Q. Where can I find OMEGA+++ today?
    Even though you do not need a prescription for OMEGA+++, it is still not available everywhere. If you are interested in taking OMEGA+++, or would just like more information about the supplement, please contact a LifePharm Independent Business Owner.