Jeanne Columna


Vice President of Operations

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” - Dr. Seuss

Jeanne brings an unmatched level of skill and dedication to her role as the Vice President of Operations for LifePharm. Throughout her 17 years in the MLM industry, Jeanne has worked for a diverse array of companies, including: Oriflame Cosmetics, Nikken, and Visalus, and has 14 years of retail and business-to-business advertising and marketing experience. She is highly regarded in the MLM, advertising and marketing realm, presented with the Presidential Call to Service award in 2008, and has been featured in a social media-focused article in the August 2010 issue of Direct Selling News magazine. Jeanne’s creativity has resulted in her receiving the Art Direction Award for both Gucci and Things Remembered. This creativity is reflected in her personal interests as well—Jeanne earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from West Virginia University and enjoys reading, art, and travel. She has been married for over 24 years and has six children.