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LifePharm Celebrates Six Years of Business Growth and Success
Lake Forest—June 12, 2017—Orange County-based LifePharm® just reached an exciting milestone: their sixth year of business. At a point in time when 60 percent of startup businesses fail (according to Statistic Brain Research Institute), LifePharm is thriving and continues to speed onward and upward at warp speed.

Four new VPs were added to the Executive Team and two new Regional Sales Directors were appointed to the LifePharm European corporate team this year. Increased IBO rank advancement, new product and opportunity growth, and expansion overseas have all played a part in the ongoing evolution of the company.

LifePharm Founder and CEO Wicky Suyanto says, “Each and every one of our IBOs and corporate employees have played a role in where LifePharm is today. I attribute our longevity to three key factors: one, we continue to explore the latest in scientific research to bring consumers top quality health and wellness products unique to anything else on the market. Two, the thousands of IBOs who join the LifePharm Opportunity every year from around the world to follow a dream of pursing financial independence and stable health. Their drive to succeed astounds me and I am constantly in awe of their accomplishments. Finally, my family who supports me every day in the office and outside of it.”

Over the past year, LifePharm opened in an additional three countries, held their first cruise incentive trip, celebrated the one-year anniversary of LifePharm in Europe and debuted their first skin care product, a high-performance bio-skin serum called Lamiderm® Apex. Cultivated from years of research, it contains the proprietary LifePharm Fertilized Avian Egg Extract.

In addition to launching a new product, the LifePharm nutritional powerhouse supplements continued to make a name for themselves. Laminine® was published in the prestigious Physicians’ Desk Reference for the third year in a row in 2017, DIGESTIVE+++ was broadcast on the legendary American Health Journal, and a new IMMUNE+++ study was published and presented at the American College of Nutrition.

“Because life is precious”—the LifePharm mission is to develop meaningful relationships and to empower people with the opportunity to lift up their lives. LifePharm provides the ideal products to improve health and wellness throughout each person’s lifetime. At the heart of the company is a calling to help the needy, so LifePharm has built a path for people who not only want to support themselves but also to help others transform dreams into reality.
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