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DIGESTIVE+++ Featured on the Legendary American Health Journal
Lake Forest—May 1, 2017—DIGESTIVE+++, the spore-forming probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme supplement developed and distributed by LifePharm® Inc., premiered last night on the renowned American Health Journal. LifePharm is an established health and wellness company based in Orange County, California. It specializes in nutritional supplements and skin care. In addition to DIGESTIVE+++, all LifePharm Products have been showcased on the reputable PBS television program.

LifePharm Research Scientist Dr. Edward Andujar, Dr. Jack Herd, Dr. Alex Martin and Dr. Jose Toro appeared on the award-winning program to give detailed commentary on the digestive system, the importance of enzyme consumption, good and bad bacteria, and how DIGESTIVE+++ plays a significant role in assisting with better digestion and overall health.

According to Dr. Edward Andujar, there are two important issues affecting digestion. The first involves proper enzyme production. “As we age, we lose the ability to produce digestive enzymes. Eating a healthy diet does not change the fact that over the years, you’re going to lose about 10 percent of enzyme production every year between the ages of 20 and 60. In order to break down and absorb the nutrients—carbohydrates, fats and proteins—you must have more enzymes.”

The second issue is bacteria. Dr. Jack Herd explains, “Good bacteria helps our digestive system work well. This type of bacteria creates some vitamins and assists in restoring our gut lining to peak health. Bad bacteria can interfere with the progression of our digestion and become harmful to our health."

Over time, an overload of harmful bacteria can impede the immune system from working at its best. Dr. Jose Toro says, “Most people should have 80 percent good and 20 percent bad bacteria as an optimal ratio for the GI system. Unfortunately, those percentages are inverted. Currently, most people have 80 percent bad and only 20 percent good bacteria. To balance the good bacteria in the system and counteract the bad, supplementation is needed.”

Dr. Andujar summarizes why a probiotic supplement such as DIGESTIVE+++ can help fill in the nutrition gaps. “DIGESTIVE+++ is a comprehensive formula with enzymes to immediately start the process of proper digestion. It contains a unique form of probiotic to colonize the gut with beneficial bacteria, and a prebiotic to feed the good bacteria in the colon.”

DIGESTIVE+++ is the LifePharm Product of choice to aid in proper digestion and create a healthy balance in the GI tract.

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