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American Health Journal Broadcasts Brand New Laminine Segment
Lake Forest—September 24, 2016—Laminine®, the flagship product of Orange County-based health and wellness company LifePharm®, was featured for the second time on the award-winning American Health Journal, winner of over 100 national and international awards.

The newest segment first aired on September 18th and then re-aired again on September 22nd and September 24th. The broadcast focused on two, double-blind clinical trials discussing how Laminine helped to manage cortisol levels and blood sugar levels in the body, respectively. LifePharm Research Scientist Dr. Edward Andujar and Silver IBOs Dr. Jose Toro and Dr. Jack Herd appear in the segment, providing scientific commentary on the ground-breaking Laminine studies.

Laminine is built on the foundation of the early, fertilized, unprocessed avian egg extract. Unlike many other heated or chemically processed egg products, the fertilization of the LifePharm egg and its precise incubation time helps it retain its original active components. Comprised of a rich source of vital nutrients containing unique peptides, proteins, enzymes and bioactive growth factors, the LifePharm egg keeps active components in their natural state and functional. When blended with quality fish and vegetable proteins to round out the amino acid profile, Laminine produces beneficial health effects.

LifePharm Founder and CEO Wicky Suyanto comments, “The recent clinical studies on Laminine are encouraging and we’re excited their benefits were featured on American Health Journal. LifePharm is dedicated to regular product research and testing on all of our products.”

“Because life is precious”—the LifePharm mission is to develop meaningful relationships and to empower people with the opportunity to lift up their lives. LifePharm provides the ideal products to improve health and wellness throughout each person’s lifetime. At the heart of the company is a calling to help the needy, so LifePharm has built a path for people who not only want to support themselves but also to help others transform dreams into reality.
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