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LifePharm Research Scientist and VP Field Development Tour Kazakhstan
Almaty, Kazakhstan—May 17, 2016—Doctor Edward Andujar, Research Scientist, and Steve Brown, vice president of Field Development for Orange County-based LifePharm, completed their week-long tour of Kazakhstan today. They were hosted by LifePharm sales leaders Anar Krykbessova and Madina Boyedilova at multiple meetings attended by individuals from three countries: Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Many traveled as far as 3000 km in order to attend these business building meetings as well as to obtain product education.

In addition to holding product workshops, Dr. Andujar was able to hold a meeting with 40 health practitioners where he partnered with a local physician to discuss the science behind LifePharm products. Attendees were indoctrinated on the benefits of LifePharm products to overall health and wellness.

“Many great experiences were had, much was learned, friendships and partnerships were created,” said Mr. Brown. “The future is incredibly bright for LifePharm in Kazakhstan and Eurasia. I was privileged to work with Silver IBOs Anar Krykbessova and Madina Boyedilova, and it’s always a pleasure to team up with our own Dr. Edward Andujar. We hope to return to Kazakhstan soon as the region develops growing interest in LifePharm.”

Host Anar Krykbessova asserted, “My team members in Russia and the United States have largely been product-based. After the business building meetings of the past week, and the personal conversations with Steve Brown, I am completely motivated to increase sponsorships and grow our LifePharm teams here in Kazakhstan, Kurdistan, Russia, Georgia and Italy!”

“Because life is precious”—the LifePharm mission is to develop meaningful relationships and to empower people with the opportunity to lift up their lives. LifePharm provides the ideal products to improve health and wellness throughout each person’s lifetime. At the heart of the company is a calling to help the needy, so LifePharm has built a path for people who not only want to support themselves but also to help others transform dreams into reality.
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Steve Brown, Vice President of Field Development
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