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LifePharm IMMUNE+++ May Help Deter Cataract Formation
Lake Forest—April 5, 2016— Age-related cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. The number of people with age-related cataracts will increase dramatically in the next 20 years in the U.S. and the rest of the Western world mainly because of growing life expectancy. As a result, scientists are conducting studies with more urgency on how to delay or deter the onset of age-related cataracts.

A recent scientific report evaluated 30 clinical studies for dietary vitamin C intake and the levels of vitamin C in the blood. Those persons who consumed the most vitamin C had a lower incidence of the two most prominent forms of cataracts. The authors of this peer reviewed paper (Acta Opthalmal) stated that “Vitamin C intake should be advocated for the primary prevention of cataract.” Another study, which evaluated 18,999 participants, showed that blood levels of certain antioxidants are associated with a reduced risk of cataract formation.

Kimberly Lloyd, M.S. says, “Earlier this year, a study by King’s College London looked at the progression of cataracts in 324 pairs of female twins over a 10-year period. Subjects who took higher levels of vitamin C were shown to have a 33 percent reduced risk of cataract progression and clearer lenses after 10 years than those who consumed less vitamin C. Scientists also reported that if the vitamin C was higher in the blood, it produced tears that contained vitamin C, having an effect of bathing the lenses with enriched tears, showing another protective effect.”

Ms. Lloyd explains, “In light of these findings, LifePharm IMMUNE+++ may help deter or delay the formation of age-related cataracts, due to the Life-C blend in the formulation. LifePharm chose the Life-C blend because this vitamin C form has additional benefits. It is highly stable, unlike other commonly found forms of vitamin C. It is more rapidly absorbed and 233 percent more highly retained in the bloodstream. The Life-C blend promotes nerve regeneration 120 percent more efficiently than standard forms of vitamin C.”

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