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LifePharm Launches Healthcare Practitioners’ Website
Lake Forest—November 23, 2015—Orange County based LifePharm recently unveiled a new Healthcare Practitioners’ website: Easy to navigate, this website was designed specifically to address medical professionals and those who practice alternative medicine. The website focuses on the research and science behind each of the LifePharm product formulations.

The LifePharm Healthcare Practitioners’ website not only presents the benefits of the products—Laminine, OMEGA+++, DIGESTIVE+++ and IMMUNE+++—but it also houses clinical studies, scientific research articles and endorsements in one simple and elegant website. Although it is geared toward healthcare practitioners, anyone with an interest in LifePharm products, how and why they work, can browse and be informed.

LifePharm Research Scientist Dr. Edward Andujar says, “I’m delighted with the new LifePharm website for healthcare practitioners. It addresses the main concern of healthcare professionals, which is how the products can benefit their patients. For example, the new website showcases the fact that Laminine, the flagship product, is featured in the Physicians’ Desk Reference. As a physician, I know this will be especially meaningful to all who practice traditional and alternative forms of medicine, as the PDR is the authoritative reference for prescribing information.”

“Because life is precious”—the LifePharm mission is to develop meaningful relationships and to empower people with the opportunity to lift up their lives. LifePharm provides the ideal products to improve health and wellness throughout each person’s lifetime. At the heart of the company is a calling to help the needy, so LifePharm has built a path for people who not only want to support themselves but also to help others transform dreams into reality.
For more information, please contact:
Steve Brown, Vice President of Field Development
949-216-9600 ext. 317