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Laminine and IMMUNE+++ Formulations Found to Benefit Skin
Lake Forest—October 19, 2015—Recent research is showing that particular diets and specific supplemental ingredients may assist in the management of aging skin. Certain ingredients in foods, herbs and supplements are found to help repair and reverse cellular damage. Two LifePharm products contain ingredients that current research has shown to be of benefit to the skin: Laminine and IMMUNE+++.

Antioxidants in particular herbs and berries are found to help fight the oxidative damage that occurs in and upon skin cells as well as other cells of the body. They can help stop further damage caused by UV exposure as well as keep the DNA protected, so cells will replicate and function better and longer.

In the category of herbs and berries with antioxidant properties, the LifePharm IMMUNE+++ formulation contains concentrated flavonoid compounds from several exotic and rare fruits, including acerola, sea buckthorn and camu camu. In addition, the antioxidant vitamin C in IMMUNE+++ is a highly effective form that has twice the absorption rate, and stays in the bloodstream, twice as long as traditional forms of vitamin C. IMMUNE+++ also contains a variety of mushroom extracts that are composed of valuable polysaccharides, lipids and antioxidants that are important for maintaining skin cell functions.

Kimberly Lloyd, M.S. notes, “The unique fertilized avian egg extract in the Laminine formulation provides a concentrated supply of growth factors, with one in particular called Fibroblast Growth Factor. Fibroblast cells lie at the base of the skin matrix and produce collagen and elastin. If these cells are given a boost with Fibroblast Growth Factor, it may stimulate production of the anti-aging components of the skin.”

Ms. Lloyd continues, “Much of the maintenance of skin health and beauty involves nourishing the skin from the inside out. Laminine and IMMUNE+++ can work as a skin duo in your daily regimen. Used together, they can help slow down the natural process of skin aging to help you look younger, longer.”

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