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Amino Acids in Laminine Formulation Help Build Muscle and Strength
Lake Forest—September 28, 2015—Amino acids are important for many structures and functions. One particular function of importance and growing interest is for building muscle mass and strength.

Laminine, the flagship product of LifePharm, contains all 22 amino acids. This means the formula contains both non-essential and essential amino acids. Non-essential amino acids are easier to obtain, because they can be made by a healthy body. Essential amino acids must come from properly digested proteins in the diet and cannot be manufactured by the body.

Kimberly Lloyd, M.S. notes that the Laminine formulation developed by LifePharm contains “all the essential and non-essential amino acids in a natural, non-synthetic form. The fertilized avian egg extract is very high in free amino acids, and the formula also has unique growth factors, antioxidants and immune factors to make it exceptional.”

Ms. Lloyd continues, “Scientific research has shown amino acid supplementation can enhance strength and increase muscle mass during workouts or exercise. An analysis of 22 studies totaling 680 subjects, showed significant gains in fat free muscle mass, muscle fiber and strength in those who took protein supplements during 6 weeks of resistance-type exercise training compared to those who did not supplement with protein. The amount of protein subjects consumed daily during exercise training in some studies was equivalent to nine to 15 Laminine capsules or more.”

Laminine is recommended as an excellent supplement not only for athletes but also for the senior population. Ms. Lloyd explains, “As people age, they become frail and lose muscle mass, partially due to the aging process and less exercise overall. Studies with elderly people who were given supplemental protein and amino acids showed a gain in muscle mass. Taking Laminine is such a simple solution for obtaining all the amino acids the body needs. The capsules are easy to swallow and can also be opened up and sprinkled on food or mixed in smoothies and beverages.”

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