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LifePharm Research Scientist Holds Workshop for American Naturopathic Medical Association
Las Vegas, Nevada—August 30, 2015—Dr. Edward Andujar, M.D. and LifePharm Research Scientist, gave a workshop at the 34th annual conference of the American Naturopathic Medical Association held from August 28 to 30, where there were upwards of a thousand attendees.

Dr. Andujar presented a workshop on “The Effect of Laminine OMEGA+++ on Cholesterol Profiles” to a select group of naturopathic doctors who were interested in the clinical study. Dr. Andujar’s presentation generated so much interest that the workshop attendees continued to the LifePharm booth to obtain more information on the fish oil supplement as well as all other LifePharm products.

“Naturopathic doctors are primarily interested in helping patients in natural ways whereby they do not need to worry about side effects. I believe that is the reason there was so much interest in our LifePharm dietary supplements. The naturopathic doctors were particularly impressed with the use of fertilized avian egg extract in our flagship product Laminine as well as in Laminine OMEGA+++. As a medical doctor, I studied and practiced western medicine for decades, but I have found naturopathic and alternative modalities to provide so many beneficial properties without the complications of traditional drugs,” said Dr. Andujar.

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