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DIGESTIVE+++ Formulation Addresses the Challenge of Breaking Down Proteins
Lake Forest—August 20, 2015—What to eat for optimal health is now one of the primary topics of discussion, and there is more evidence on the benefits of protein consumption. More people are aware of the need to decrease carbohydrates in their diets, while increasing lean proteins. So why are more than $10 billion being spent annually on gut problems?

According to scientists, protein is more difficult to break down than carbohydrates. For example, an apple contains living enzymes to assist the stomach in digesting it, while a steak or other meats require far more chemical and enzymatic energy to digest. When proteins are not properly broken down, the bacterial types that thrive on undigested protein produce toxins that affect various organs, resulting not only in indigestion but possibly, moodiness and poor brain function.

Kimberly Lloyd, M.S. notes that the DIGESTIVE+++ formulation developed by LifePharm Global Network is an exceptional product that could well be trendsetting. She explains that it contains four protein enzymes (proteases and peptidase) designed to break down a variety of bonds in the proteins to fully digest them at the various pH ranges of the long digestive tract. In addition, the enzyme blend in the unique formula works to digest nutrients in all food groups so their absorption will be optimal.

Ms. Lloyd says, “DIGESTIVE+++ delivers a well-rounded formula that provides a probiotic, a prebiotic blend and an enzyme blend. It’s a cutting-edge formula made with probiotics that are spore-forming to ensure viability—the Bacillus coagulans has been shown in recent studies to reproduce in the gut after consumption and to remain viable and active for seven days. And, rarely does a dietary supplement deliver digestive enzymes— DIGESTIVE+++ addresses the fact that our bodies decrease natural enzyme production by 10 percent each decade after the age of 20. With DIGESTIVE+++, you truly have an all-in-one product that is highly unusual in the supplement industry. Additionally, DIGESTIVE+++ does not contain preservatives, which are commonly added to many supplements to prolong shelf life. Preservatives destroy beneficial probiotics, rendering those products useless.”

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