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556.7 mg of Flaxseed Oil in DIGESTIVE+++ Found to Provide Extra Benefits
Lake Forest—August 10, 2015—DIGESTIVE+++, a LifePharm Global Network product developed primarily for gastrointestinal health, has been found to provide extra benefits, resulting from 556.7 mg of flaxseed oil in the formulation.

Kimberly Lloyd, M.S. has researched the DIGESTIVE+++ formula launched by LifePharm Global Network in 2014. She says, “Research has shown that many people consuming a Western diet are deficient in alpha linolenic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid needed for the body to function efficiently. Alpha linolenic acid makes up 55 percent of the oil from flaxseeds.

“A clinical study showed that subjects who were given flaxseed oil and a fish oil improved the circulation of their blood vessels and arteries, maintained normal blood pressure, better triglyceride values and improved the tissues of the liver.

“Each soft-gel capsule of DIGESTIVE+++ contains 556.7 mg of cold pressed flaxseed oil, so two capsules provide more than 1.1 grams of what most health practitioners recommend as part of the daily diet. Because the flaxseed oil in DIGESTIVE+++ is cold pressed, the fatty acid structure remains intact. Cold pressing preserves the oil’s integrity whereas the more common method of processing with heat, increases the yield but alters the valuable components of the oil. I’m convinced that even though DIGESTIVE+++ targets GI health, it also plays a major role in overall well-being. The extraneous benefits of specific ingredients such as flaxseed oil make this an exceptional product.”

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