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Laminine OMEGA+++ Found to Support Bone Health in Addition to Circulatory Health
Lake Forest—August 4, 2015—Laminine OMEGA+++, a LifePharm Global Network product formulated for circulatory health and lauded by the American Health Journal, has been found to support bone health, due to the vitamin K2 in the formula.

Kimberly Lloyd, M.S. has researched the Laminine OMEGA+++ formula launched by LifePharm Global Network in 2013. She says, “The vitamin K2 that is incorporated into the base formula of Laminine OMEGA+++, the exclusive omega 3, 6 and 9 formula that is enhanced with Fertilized Avian Egg Extract and unique micro-active extended release CoQ10, is naturally sourced from fermented soybeans. A traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans is called Natto, and is associated with major health benefits, including decreased blood pressure and a reduced incidence of osteoporosis. Subsequent clinical and population-based studies found that these benefits were largely attributed to the fact that Natto was full of vitamin K2.

“The fermentation process of Natto is facilitated by Bacillus subtilis, which exists naturally and produces vitamin K2 as a byproduct. The vitamin K2 in Laminine OMEGA+++ is directly extracted from Bacillus subtilis through an advanced filtration process to ensure the highest quality. The vitamin K2 found in Laminine OMEGA+++ outperforms synthetic vitamin K and is allergen free, nonGMO and Kosher Certified. It redirects calcium deposits out of the blood vessels and arteries, which improves circulation in the body but also supports bone health and helps decrease the risk for osteoporosis. Studies show that an increase in dietary vitamin K2 lowers the loss of bone mineral density from aging.”

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