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Two Tablets of LPGN IMMUNE+++ provide More Vitamin C than 22 Oranges
Lake Forest—June 29, 2015—Since Linus Pauling’s breakthrough discoveries regarding the use of Vitamin C to boost the immune system, it has become a mainstay in households nationally.

Kimberly Lloyd, M.S., has researched the IMMUNE+++ product launched by LifePharm Global Network last year in light of these discoveries. She says, “Not all Vitamin C is created equally. The IMMUNE+++ formulation really delivers in three major areas: our psyches, our nerve/brain functions and our immune functions.

“The way the formula works is also three-fold. First, there is the Life-C Blend, which is pure Vitamin C combined with citrus bioflavonoids and lipid metabolites. This combination enhances the speed of assimilation and absorption by the body. Studies show that within a 24-hour period, subjects taking Life-C retained a higher level of vitamin C than those taking other forms; levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation, decreased 15.6 percent in healthy volunteers taking Life-C; and the level of oxidized low density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) decreased 8.4 percent in those taking Life-C.

“As if the findings on Life-C were not powerful enough, LifePharm Global Network has enhanced the IMMUNE+++ formula even more with the Opti-Shield Blend. Made largely with reishi, maitake and turkey tail mushrooms, all known for their antioxidant properties, current and ongoing studies are now revealing exciting benefits for brain function. The third beneficial aspect of IMMUNE+++ is the addition of herbs and botanicals, which has been showing astounding results in recent studies in the areas of immunology, heart health and chronic age related situations. LifePharm Global Network has created a superformula with ingredients that complement and fortify each other for maximum effectiveness.”

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