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New Scientific Discoveries Support Taking DIGESTIVE+++ for Overall Health
Lake Forest—June 8, 2015—New discoveries relating to the health of the gastrointestinal tract have been published in scientific journals in recent years. Findings support the viability of the daily use of a well-designed pre- and probiotic for digestive health.

Kimberly Lloyd, M.S., has researched the DIGESTIVE+++ product launched by LifePharm Global Network last year in light of these discoveries. She says, “With greater professional, scientific and consumer interest in the use of pre- and probiotics, a revolution is taking place in the study of just how important they may be to our health. We are learning that we live together with microbes and that positive manipulation of our individual macrocosm may benefit us in ways we did not heretofore understand.

“The health and look of our skin, the health and function of our digestive tract, our immunity, our brain functions and emotions are holistically tied together with the microbial environment of our GI tract. LifePharm Global Network has been on the forefront of this revolution by designing DIGESTIVE+++ to assure a quality product that promotes good GI health. Not only does the DIGESTIVE+++ formulation contain pre- and probiotics, it provides even greater benefits for gut health with an optimal blend of 11 enzymes to facilitate absorption.”

The LifePharm Global Network mission is to develop meaningful relationships and enhance lives through the opportunity for a better life, a way to make a livelihood and to create a living legacy. LifePharm Global Network provides the ideal products to support healthy living. The goal is to elevate the quality of life by improving or maintaining health and wellness throughout each person’s lifetime.
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